If you are thinking of looking for or attending a Business Coaching Programme, I couldn’t give higher praise to the Business Coaching Academy.....amazing experience & a steep learning curve..
Organisational Development, Vifor Pharma UK
Highly recommended for anyone or any company who wants to begin on a coaching journey and explore methods to help with this. A must for all leaders.
Director of People & Development, Thwaites
The BCA is a fantastic introduction into the world of coaching and is highly recommended to anyone wanting to become an Accredited Business Coach. The tools, methodologies and learning will help anyone going through the programme feel prepared to go out and coach
Assistant Director, London Business School
Simple, useful, practical direction has impacted positively my own understanding and ability to demonstrate to the wider business how coaching can truly drive business results.
Coaching Team Leader, Orange
Refreshing, practical and full of useful hints and tips that have already helped me a great deal.
Senior Finance Officer, UAE Telco Company
Energetic, highly professional and an approach based on solid and wide experience.
Head of Change Management, London Business School Alumni
More than just a coaching course – you get so much more!
Partner, FSTP
I enjoyed the entire learning experience. For me 10/10.
L&D Director, HSBC
I was challenged and stretched in a good safe way.
Project Manager, Age UK
The experience and war stories of the course leaders was invaluable.
Project Director, Orange
I found the practical sessions very useful in being able to experiment with putting the theory into practice and it was helpful that these sessions were with people that didn't know me, as there was a more objective analysis of my ability, which was helpful when I was given feedback.
HR Director, City Council
Opened my eyes to new skills which I can use throughout the remainder of my career.
Senior Team Leader, Be Fuelcards
Very valuable for future development – great sessions and fantastic group interaction.
Team Leader, Be Fuelcards
Took skills to the next level and built on competence – a great experience.
Consultant & Business Coach
Took me on a journey through the 2 days and assured me of my competence and built my capabilities.
Consultant & Business Coach
The style, content and pace of delivery from the leaders of the course was excellent. The final assessment with past Alumni executives really stretched the assessment and made it even more valuable.
Head of Service & Operational Management, Barclays
From the beginning to the end of LL3 the difference I felt in my competence level was huge – recommend thoroughly!
Partner, FSTP
Took me on a journey through the 2 days and assured me of my competence and built my capabilities.
Consultant & Business Coach
Yesterday I graduated from The Business Coaching Academy and I would like to thank them for their support, drive and enthusiasm. Learning levels 1 to 3 in 2 months. Wow! I would recommend all my friends and colleagues to visit their website and signup. The tools, techniques and models will help you drive your team / business to another level.‬
Head Of Automation & Engineering, Barclays
15 years in L&D and finally someone makes calculating ROI in coaching as simple and clear as ABC or should I say BCA! .
Senior Training & Development Manager, Halfords Media UK Ltd
I have been using The BCA’s coaching ROI approach ever since completing the LL3 Evolution programme in November 2015. Meaningful, understandable, credible and effective .
Accredited Business Coach
Working through the three levels of coaching training with The Business Coaching Academy and the requirements outside of the actual training days has been a rewarding and fantastic opportunity. In some ways it has been life changing as I have not just learnt to coach with impact but it has been a catalyst for making changes in my way of working in other areas of my professional life. This culminated in winning an Award at the end of 2015 which confirmed to me the steps forward I had made and the impact I was having. .
HR Manager, Charity Sector
The Business Coaching Academy more than met my expectations. I have grown as a person and as a leader through this experience and have much more confidence in the value I can add. The combination of class room face to face learning, role plays, building of coaching hours, theory and assignments was a very powerful learning experience. .
Consultant & Business Coach
Having just completed LL1 of the Business Coaching Programme, I found the course absolutely invaluable - thoroughly rewarding and demanding. I have to say that it was a pleasure to be guided by the lead coaches. I've not experienced such a high level of professional tutoring in such an interesting location. Can't fault it.... I will be back for LL2 for certain! Thanks again. .
Director of Quality, Pirelli
Each level was built on existing knowledge in a progressive and useful way – really great course & easy to apply knowledge and skills. Thank you! .
Senior Planning Manager – Marketing & Digital, Avis Budget Group