Programme Overview

The Business Coaching Programme consists of three levels. Level 1 – Foundations is available as a standalone course that offers ILM Certified Business Coach Status. You can end your journey here or continue through Level 2 – Awareness and Level 3 – Evolution to be eligible to apply for WABC™ Registered Corporate Coach (RCC™) status.

Throughout and following the programme our Alumni have access to our Video Library, where they can view live demonstrations of ‘what great looks like’ for key skills learned throughout the programme. Alumni also have access to a thriving LinkedIn community group where regular discussions around current topics and debates take place and support and advice is available from both your peers and our own coaches.

L1 - Foundations

We begin Foundations by making a bold commitment to our delegates - that in just 2 days, we will fundamentally shift and improve the way you communicate. To date - without exception - our delegates have told us that we succeeded!

Our Foundations level is exactly as the title suggests - it is teaching you the must have, foundation skills that you need to become a great coach and begin helping others achieve better results. In addition to that, you will develop a far more powerful and impactful style of communicating with everyone you interact with.

We will take you through our 6 key skills of coaching, and share with you insights taken from neuroscience and human psychology that will help you better understand your self and those around you.

Through practice, exercises, live demos, observation and our step-by-step bespoke video series (which is then available to you as a graduate) we ensure your learning journey is varied and challenging. Above all however we keep it practical and results focused, meaning you can begin to implement the skills you learn immediately in your role.

L2 - Awareness

A great coach must be able to do two things well – manage their own state (what they are thinking, how they feel and how they therefore behave) to remain as effective as possible for the coachee, but also learn to quickly ‘read’ their coachee, so they understand what approach will be most effective and how they can adapt their approach to achieve better results.

Now that you have a coaching core on which to build from L1 - Foundations, on L2 - Awareness we focus on how well you manage yourself (self awareness) and the master skill of great coaches, which is how well you are able to read others (social awareness).

We will introduce you to a profiling tool that helps uncover why we behave the way we do and how this knowledge is exceptionally powerful for a coach. We will help you identify your key strengths but highlight the danger of overplaying those strengths.

As with L1 - Foundations, L2 is delivered through tuition, practise, exercises and videos, but we will now push you harder to accelerate your learning and take you out of your comfort zone.

L3 - Evolution

You’ve learnt and developed your coaching skills, you’ve increased your self-awareness and you’re better at understanding what drives other people’s behaviour. Now is the time to explore the mind of the executive and learn what it takes to be seen as credible and useful to someone at a senior executive level.

What else is it that executive coaches do, in addition to what has been learnt on L1 - Foundations and L2 - Awareness, which means they can truly become a game changer for an already successful individual?

This is the focus of Evolution, where we will share with you what it takes to be credible at this level, how to ‘set up for success’ and ways to finesse what you have already learnt.

We will show you how to calculate the return-on-investment of coaching in an organisation and demonstrate a powerful new tool that helps you build better relationships with even the most difficult stakeholders.

Then for the grand finale, it is time to test your mettle! You will conduct an observed coaching session with an executive you have never met before, who needs your help with a real-life work challenge. It’s not scripted and anything goes…. because as we constantly remind you at The BCA, coaching is a contact sport!