Delegates always tell us they get so much more than they imagined attending our Business Coaching Programme - insights into performance management, the art of delivering feedback, motivation, difficult conversations, leadership, human behavior…. we explore all of it because great coaching is at the heart of all of it.

We are extremely passionate about working with our clients to develop their in-house coaching programme, because if a company is serious about cultural change, improving performance or developing their leadership capability, then those in positions of leadership must first lead by example. Our programme is designed to help them do just that.

Work with us and your programme is delivered not by trainers, but by world-class coaches and facilitators who support the senior leadership teams of some of the world’s most successful companies. We will share our experience, our real-life examples, and keep the learning practical and business results focused.

Whilst you still benefit from our proven curriculum and video resources, we can adapt our programme to suit your key objectives, landing core messages and exploring barriers, complacency or cultural challenges as required.

Get in touch to discuss how we can partner with you in-house.

Case Study - Trevor Haynes, Chief Executive - Acivico Ltd

"Acivico is a Birmingham City Council wholly owned company undergoing significant cultural transformation. We have invested in business coaching, via The Business Coaching Academy, to assist in bringing about a commercial, client focused, effective approach to leadership at all levels in the organisation.

The results from this investment are certainly helping to deliver the cultural shift we require. In particular, we have experienced improved leadership styles, having inherited a traditional command and control leadership style, we are moving to a motivational, empowering and outcomes based culture.

Improvements in leadership style are helping with a range of issues including building management confidence and competence, improved relationships and teamwork both internally and external to the organisation. Improved results have also had a positive impact on service delivery, KPI's and client satisfaction. While it is difficult to put an exact figure on pay back, business results strongly indicate that our investment in business coaching has exceeded self-funding."


Case Study - Julie O'Devlin, Head of Resources - Hope and Homes for Children

"Hope and Homes for Children is very simply changing the world. We are the global expert in ending a system of care that is destroying the lives of 8 million children confined to institutions. People are critical to our success and at the heart of our approach is ensuring everyone has the scope, the opportunity and the courage to explore and develop their own mandate , whatever role they play. This requires developing the leadership potential in everyone, a culture in which performance and solutions are genuinely owned, high degrees of self-awareness and an innovative mindset. How are we achieving this? Through coaching.

A year ago we trained all our managers in coaching with the Business Coaching Academy. We are part way through a two year Programme at the end of which every manager at Hope and Homes for Children will bring a high level of coaching to their daily work. We are not at the formal evaluation stage yet, but so far there is strong evidence of the following:

  • Coaching is our new management normal
  • Coaching and its role is widely understood
  • Coaching is recognised and valued
  • Coaching is leading to light-bulb moments and new frontiers in personal development
  • Management ability and confidence is increasing
  • Levels of engagement, motivation and retention, which were already good, are on the rise - as demonstrated by our last staff survey.

We are on a journey and coaching is becoming part of our culture from the very top of our organisation where coaching enables the Board to review their progress to daily coaching style conversations with and between our staff, volunteers and interns. There is more to do, but this is the story so far."


Case Study - Clare Hammond, Organisational Development Manager - NAPP Pharmaceuticals Ltd

"We have been working with The BCA for around 18 months now; so far, several senior managers within our organisation have gone/or are going through the L1-3..

As OD manager, I was looking to develop our coaching capability as a critical and core skill of leadership across our organisation. I was drawn to The BCA after a meeting with Dean and greatly impressed by the clear focus that using The BCA coaching model could bring about behaviour change to deliver personal development and business results.

All of our course attendees have given impressive feedback about the content, structure, delivery and most importantly, the relevance to our business challenges. All are actively using The BCA model during coaching conversations and would have no hesitation in recommending The BCA to any potential course participants. I fully intend to continue to work with The BCA as a trusted partner whilst we continue to embed a coaching capability and culture within our organisation. The BCA represent excellent value for money for any company truly serious about increasing their business coaching capability."